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700+ RESCUED animals, birds and reptiles at Prani need YOUR help!

Prani - The Pet Sanctuary, founded in 2017 by Sanjeev is a safe haven for hundreds of these rescued animals, birds and reptiles. But Prani does not stop at that. The 700+ rescued birds and animals here help in educating the young minds of India the value of co-existing. The passionate rescuers and caretakers at Prani, not only rehabilitate these injured and abused animals, but also help build their confidence with humans. 

Most of the animals and birds in Prani are exotic creatures, often bought from illegal or unregulated markets. Many of those who purchase these colourful, sensitive creatures are unaware of their caring needs and abandon them. Prani saves these animals that are incapable of fending for themselves in the wild and attends to their medical and daily requirements.


It costs Prani over Rs 7.5 Lakhs every month to take care of the 700+ animals and birds. This comprises of rent for the 3-acre property, well being of 12 laborers, food, medicine and vet visits for our animals that include a horse, 5 ponies, 4 donkeys, a cow, 5 sheep, 17 goats, over 60 rabbits, and guinea pigs; over 20 ducks, geese, turkeys, and roosters; over 450 exotic birds, 17 iguanas, 7 dogs, 7 emus, over 30 terrapins and close to 140 exotic rodents. 


As Prani became home to more and more such rescued animals & birds, it needed funds for their food and care. So it opened its doors for educational tours for school children. During these tours, children get the opportunity to interact with the animals. The experience to touch and feed the animals in a controlled environment makes them more empathetic towards them. Over the last few years, Prani has become an animal-centric education space, where we work towards building trust, love and compassion between animals and children and help them overcome their fears towards each other. 


The school visits were our only steady source of income to sustain the beautiful birds and animals of Prani. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and the situation is no different for us. We have not had a single school child visit us since February 2020 and our funds are drying up. We need your compassion and generosity to help these innocent animals and birds get past these tough times. 

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